‘Cause it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive

Or not. Should’ve probably saved the title for a more appropriate Wednesday…This week has been nothing but work and sleep. It’s been good though.

But this isn’t “Dear Diary”, is it?! So, to the point before I fall asleep and drool all over this keyboard.

One of my all-time favourite types of people are those who add to life: whether it’s a cultural (or not-so) recommendation, good habits, stomach-hurting laughter or just general life-enhancing things. People who inspire me to be the best me and to whom I don’t need to make an effort to chat. Conversations about anything just flow and neither of us have to pretend to know everything.

Recently I met someone who was one of those: I got to listen to loads of different music that I normally wouldn’t, learn about things that I didn’t know existed or didn’t know I cared about and got to learn that the so much needed “quiet time” doesn’t necessarily have to be “alone time”.

One of the things, or rather, internet people, I was introduced to was rant-man Adam Buckley. Adam rants mostly about all the music that makes me sad and he can get my feelings off my chest much better than I’d ever be able to.

I haven’t had time to go through all his videos yet but there’s one in particular that’s been in my mind this week. Mostly because I have actually been feeling very Rebecca Black these days…looking forward to the weekend. If only all I had to make my mind up about was which seat to take!

Ladies and gents, I’ll leave you with: A Dose of Buckley.


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