Legendary Troubadour for sale. *RANT*

So the Troubadour in Earls Court is up for sale following neighbours’ “noise” complaints…

Unbelievable. People really are assholes. Way to go, guys, you did it again! At this rate, very soon we’ll be living in a sad, boring, robotic world with a 7pm curfew where live music will be found in an outlaw, underground alternate universe. Unless, that is, you have sold your sold to the devil like Katy Perry & co. and are brainwashing little kids into paying millions of dollars to a handful of music industry sharks. Then it’s ok.

I’m not usually a pessimist and only last night I was annoyed with a friend commenting on how music is dead illustrating it with Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe”‘s lyrics and I thought he was overreacting as there’s plenty of good stuff out there but, at this rate, all said “good stuff” soon won’t have a place in the sun. Maybe it’s time to start rethinking pirate radio…



Alright, people, calm the f*ck down. It’s only a change of ownership, nothing is closing down…


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