Lifehouse’s latest single En Rogue is not what you think

I just went on Facebook to look for something and my “memories” reminded me that around 11 years ago today I was at a Lifehouse gig here in London.

It was a really 2010-style shaky video of a snippet of You and Me live at Shepherds Bush Empire and just that little bit was enough to 1) take me back to that time from the moment my best friend and I bought a spare ticket off of a really good-looking English guy to post-gig talking to the band outside the venue. And 2) get the song stuck in my head for at least the next 3 days.

So I took the logical next step and went on Spotify to play it in full…when I noticed they actually released a few songs this year!

I hit play on the latest single, En Rogue, and was pleasantly surprised. While I may have grown out of their old sound on future songs, nostalgia ensures the hits of the past will always have a place in my heart. En Rogue, however, is an expected step in the right direction (in my humble opinion) for the band with a sound reminiscing of The Black Keys paired with a whole new look which made me not recognise lead singer, Jason Wade and his 2021 beard.

But don’t listen to me, go check it out for yourself!

Lifehouse – En Rogue (out now on ALLSWELL Records)

Following a couple of indie releases after their departure from the major label world of Geffen/UMG, En Rogue is out now on ALLSWELL Records along with Jason’s latest solo single, One of These Days which just came out a few days ago.

In fact, it’s a pay what you want release and all proceeds are going towards the Second Harvest Food Bank in Tennessee so head over here to donate!


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