Our year in music.

It’s that time of the year, folks. Whether you’re proud or keeping yours locked in a safe, it’s always entertaining to get an overview of our listening habits on Spotify!

Head over to 2017wrapped.com for your own.

If you follow us, you know there are no surprised here on our side…

FUN FACT: Colbie Caillat was top of my iTunes most listened with “Bubbly” nearly 10 years ago!

Coca-Cola: “Brotherly Love”

Regardless of what one might think of Coca-Cola, one thing is certain: their ads are ALWAYS on point and always bring the “feels”.

One of its latest couldn’t have been any different…

The cover of Avicii’s “Hey Brother” was also spot on! In fact, I didn’t even recognise it and actually mistook it for a Mumford & Sons tune. Oops.