The Nomad Reader

Besides music and travel, another thing that’s a constant in my life is reading.

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who need challenges, deadlines and goals to keep on top of things so I joined Goodreads a few years ago and started setting myself reading challenges every year.

There’s just SO much to do in life! So many TV shows, movies, podcasts, songs…it’s easy to keep leaving reading for later and end up not reading at all so I need to make sure I allocate time for it the same way I allocate podcast time every week for the shows I follow.

Not satisfied with that, I recently started a bookstagram account and it’s been a great journey so far! Not only I really love taking photos, editing, creating content…but through it I’ve been meeting lovely people, finding new books I’d never heard of and exchanging recommendations. The book community is a lovely corner of the internet filled with sweet, funny, smart people across the globe and it’s been a real positive addition to my life.

Should you be interested in seeing what the fuss is about or would just like to get on the reading bandwagon too, you can find me @the_nomadreader. If you do check it out, don’t forget to say hello! =)


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