Mixtape Mondays #2

Last week I had another playlist featured on the awesome Postmodern Mixtape website. It was very cliche, very overdone and very much necessary.

Monday Morning Boost feels like sunshine!

Head over to their website to read more about it and, most importantly, get this gem of a kick to raise your morning routine game.

Rolling Stone Music Now

It was only last year that I got into podcasts, mainly due to those who usually share my taste in entertainment recommending I listen to Serial, which I got totally hooked on, and my brother’s house chore hack: he always listens to podcasts while doing the dishes. You see, with music, you can let your mind wander, but with podcasts, you really have to focus. So much that you don’t notice the chores you’re doing!

After Serial, I looked up top 10 lists of “best podcasts” (which is how I found my Tuesday lunchtime laughter, Another Round, coming on another post) and started browsing my podcast app for music + music business ones (although I had already heard of a really great one too, SynchStories, from Synchtank).

I came across the Rolling Stone podcast, Music Now, a few months ago and it hasn’t disappointed me. It launched in January this year and is hosted by the mag’s Executive Editor, Nathan Brackett.

It usually starts out with Nathan + a couple of magazine staff talking about what they’ve been listening to in the office and there’s always at least one great song amongst it, although they’re usually all good. And I love how they analyse the songs and often have the story behind it.

The podcast always talks about the very latest releases and music news and features interviews with special guests, often other writers with current articles on the Rolling Stone website. In fact, more often than not, they’ll offer really entertaining/interesting stories about bands and artists featured in the magazine. Not to mention the jokes!

I love how it sounds like they’re just around a bar table having a beer and chatting about music and the insights they give into the artists’ lives, how that influenced their music and love hearing about music that’s not out yet to the public but they’ve obviously heard already – perks of the job!

They definitely made me listen to music more focused like I used to as a teenager scribbling song lyrics all over my notebooks instead of paying attention to class and taking notes.

Rolling Stone Music Now is out on Monday evenings (GMT) and it’s the perfect companion to your Tuesday morning commute!

You can find it on their website here and on iTunes here.

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Internation subway jam

This past week, after one of the four days of Frankfurt’s music fair, Musikmesse, magic happened.

As I was browsing Facebook this Saturday morning, I came across a video of two girls playing music on a train that looked incredibly familiar and the caption said something about the guy who joined them…and so he did 2 minutes in.

You know what? Let’s get to the point! If you haven’t stumbled upon this, congrats! – you have a really great life offscreen!

While the Facebook version of this video had about 4 million views in the morning, by the end of the day it had reached 19m+! Not to mention the gazillion articles popping up all across Europe!

Mystery was solved: lady on guitar + vocals is Hamburg native, Anna Guder, a.k.a Kiddo Kat, on cajon we’ve got Londoner, Heidi Joubert and the surprise appearance is Maltese Ozzy Lino.

This MADE MY LIFE! Ok ok, my weekend…there wasn’t a person who crossed my path who wasn’t forced to hear about it and watch the video. But better yet, there wasn’t one who didn’t get as excited as yours truly!

It’s moments like this that I live for! A couple of years ago I was coming back from an incredible Pearl Jam pjmkconcert in a packed train from Milton Keynes to London and these two dudes started chatting to me about the gig and asking if I liked it and all…they began asking me what my favourite bands were and, for each one, they sang a song (and really well!). It got to a point that the whole carriage joined in and sang along (minus voice-less me) and, at the end, as a joke (but not really), I said “Backstreet Boys“. Yep. They sang that too. With all of their hearts. Spjmk2adly, both my camera and phone batteries had long died…(for a good cause!).