The underrated artist of the century

How is this possible??


The Lissie people have been paying to keep this post popping up all the time for at least a couple of weeks now and she hasn’t got 500 likes. And her page has only about 157k thumbs up.


She’s one of the best musicians of today! Her music is pretty unique, her voice is stunning, she plays guitar, writes her own songs and she’s not over the top yet still outstanding. Because really, nobody needs over the top. Actually, some artists suit a big show, like Pink, for example. It’s highly entertaining but she’s also an amazing singer and a very peculiar lyricist and makes fun pop music.

Anyway. Another one of life’s many mysteries but good for me as I’ll get to see her at a venue like Koko, not the O2 at the nosebleed section because all the good tickets were gone within the first 3min.

I still wish she was properly recognised though.