The XX…slit wrist here ———

Bloody hell! This new XX album should come with a WARNING sign and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Brownie attached to it!

It is very beautiful, even if the songs sound pretty much the same- as each other and the last album, but that doesn’t make it any less great. But seriously, if you’re suffering from matters of the heart- like moi, it can really mess you up! (not quite like moi. Maybe when PMS hits).

Anyway, I’ll leave the link for you to listen and judge for yourselves:

Pardon? You haven’t got Spotify, I hear. Well, then bloody get it, won’t you? How behind are you?!
You’re only forgiven if it is not yet available in your country. In this case, go to iTunes. Or, better yet, go to a proper music shop and B-U-Y T-H-E A-L-B-U-M!

♫ the feeling goes on and on and on

in my head

you tell me things you’ve never said

and I choose to forget

and take the good and leave the rest

oh, the illusion’s getting old

and you don’t answer when I call

I would have given you it all

oh, out of sight out of mind

it doesn’t mean you’re not mine

the feeling goes on and on and on ♫

– Unfold –


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