And then there was Nina

Video overload. For a reason beyond great.

I’ve declared my love for Sweden and its culture, landscape and people many times on this blog. Mostly for the music.

Yesterday I mentioned Garbage being one of my all time favourite bands and today I’ll reveal another which is often fairly underrated and misunderstood: The Cardigans!

Apparently they’re playing a couple of gigs in the coming weeks which hopefully means they’re getting back to work as a band but, while that doesn’t happen and nor does A Camp (their website doesn’t exist anymore and it looks like neither does their FB page. That’s sad.), the loveliest Nina Persson has recently announced her upcoming solo release (out 29.01.2014 on Universal) and you can pre-order a signed copy:

here (CD)

here (CD)

here (vinyl)

AND here (vinyl)

Check it out!




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