Little boxes on the hillside…Weeds

This is a great example of sync done right.

It’s funny/sad how a song from the 60s is still so accurate today in 2014. Two.Thousand.FOURTEEN. And the video to which it was synched was not only a perfect reflection of life (at least in the Western world!), but also did a pristine job in representing life in the fictional town of Agrestic. At least in the first few episodes when everyone’s madness hadn’t yet been uncovered…

The last few seasons were kind of stupid, especially that whole Mexican plot. “Weeds” went from taking the piss out of the status quo to focusing on Nancy’s bad decisions – she wasn’t even the cool, smart, witty Nancy from the beginning anymore.

*FUN FACT: Shane (Alexander Gould), that cute little boy who grew up to *SPOILER ALERT* defend his mother’s honour at any price, was also the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo.


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