Milestone: Panic Island on Q Mag’s Top 5

Although I started this blog to talk about all things music industry-related and I have a gazillion posts all over my notebooks, post-its, Mac Notes, Word docs and some still in my head, I haven’t had the discipline time to share them with the one or two readers of this thing.

Worse of all, I don’t even write about my own artists! But today things will change. Ok, they won’t. But I WILL say one thing:

Panic Island, the first band I ever took on to manage, who is about to release their debut EP, had their first ever single feature on Q’s website as one of the FIVE songs to hear this week. And even though it’s been hours since we found that out, we’re all still pretty much:


Photo evidence:


And the sweet, sweet words of James Skey…


More on : 

And, more importantly, here’s “Temples”:


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