Eurovision is, indeed, about politics and that’s what makes it great!

As a non-European, I wasn’t very much aware of what the Eurovision Song Contest was until moving to these shores and thought the history was very cool (music doing what it does best: bringing people together. In this case, during the war – times worse than most of us in the West have got now with Trump and all). However, I didn’t get much into it until I happened to watch it the year of Conchita’s win, when I saw exactly that: music bringing people together to show homophobes that they’re assholes and, fortunately, a minority.

I’ve read so many people complaining about Ukraine winning it last night because people should vote for the best song, not the person nor the country…granted, it is a bit like the X Factor and such as in what’s judged is not the music per se. In this case, though, songs and performers represent their countries and their struggles and voting is used to show solidarity so I don’t really see what’s wrong with that. The issue around Crimea hasn’t been covered in the news since f*ck knows when! and millions of people last night got to have a bit of a refresher. I felt bad for the Russian team, the singer dude was so emotional and, although the song wasn’t great either, the stunt he pulled off required serious skills. Nonetheless, having Ukraine beat the Russians was a big slap in Putin’s face from the rest of Europe. Ukraine could’ve sung the Macarena as far as I’m concerned and I still would’ve been happy for the win.

But politics aside, in my (and millions of others!) heart, Justin Timberlake obviously won all the points! 🇺🇸

From a music business point of view, I think this tweet from Popjustice sums it up quite nicely:

Other than that, the hosts were nothing short of greatly entertaining! Especially when they taught us how to write a hit song – they really know their stuff! Probably why Sweden has so many great bands and some of the world’s top songwriters! (here’s looking at you, Max Martin)

Fun fact: in 1988, it was Celine Dion who represented Switzerland – and won! 🇨🇭


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