Music business: artist comeback case study

How do you promote the new album from an artist who went M.I.A for about a decade?

Take the most famous song from their heyday and record it as a duet with one of today’s cool, hip singers, add an extra beat or so and use it as a single.

That’s when you get Patricia Marx feat Seu Jorge with “Espelhos d’Água”, which, at the time of its original solo release (circa 1998), climbed the charts the fastest way you can take in Brazil: featuring it in a soap opera (preferably but not essentially, at prime time).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not diminishing her work…especially that song, I used to LOVE it!!

I am simply trying to give an example of music marketing + A&R + artist management.

It’s Chri$tma$ Time Again

Was this an attempt to get into a Coke ad? Cause that’s exactly what it sounds like!


I LOVE the Backstreet Boys! LOVE! They were part of my adolescence and that’ll always be in my heart. But seriously, a CHRISTMAS SONG?!

They’re in their late 30s with a 20-year career. Was this really necessary?


Just like that “This Is Us” album wasn’t. Did they make money? Plenty! But not only their credibility is down the drain as they have plenty of other MUCH MORE appropriate alternatives to celebrate these two decades that are being ignored in favour of these clear money-making tools.

At least if the song had been featured in a Coke commercial- as it sounds just like it!, they would’ve had an excuse.

The Truth About Love…

P!nk – The Truth About Love

is…well, I might have not found that out from it, but Pink’s new album totally makes you forget about that matter anyway!

I was trying to find the words to describe her based on the fact that Alanis is the angry chick music queen, but I think Pink fills those shoes better. (Alanis is amazing too, but a bit too sophisticated nowadays to take that trophe. Pink’s sophisticated too, don’t get me wrong, just in a different way. Her sarcasm and quick-witted lyrics are. Even if a little silly and almost immature sometimes like in Slut Like You and Walk of Shame– one of my ultimate favourites of this album!! SO MUCH FUN and so funny!!! Especially for someone who’s been in those shoes maybe one too many times like moi. It’s a good kind of immature. The kind you just laugh at and have fun with; the kind it doesn’t matter how old you are, you should still have fun regardless.)

Anyway. I actually heard them all last week because Sony kindly posted on Pink’s YouTube channel lyric-videos of the whole album (minus the four deluxe-edition bonus tracks) which also got me ready for her gig at the iTunes Festival which I got tickets for and couldn’t have been more ecstatic! Out of all the gigs I registered for, the first (out of the 3 so far!) I got was hers…fifth time around! But that’s another post with photos, videos, etc.

Back to the album…yeah, instantly my favourite ones were True Love and Just Give Me a Reason. But then today, as I woke up and, first thing, opened Spotify on my phone to add the album to my “mood of the day” playlist,  I caught myself listening to How Come You’re Not Here and Walk of Shame incessantly loudly and singing along for all the neighbourhood to hear. And then I got the bonus tracks…and then listened to My Signature Move…and yeah, it’s been on a loop all day…just listen to it, here you go (need SPOTIFY to listen to the links I post!):

Did I mention it was already #1 in SEVEN COUNTRIES before it was out in the UK and, when I checked this afternoon, it was #1 on iTunes here too?

I know I didn’t say anything about Blow Me, but really, what could I say about it? You’ve all listened to it. And then again. And again and again and again…and I’m sure you sing and dance to it too. And then again. And again and again and again…

but in case you haven’t (you’re welcome):

While You’re Out Looking For Sugar…I’m dancing the Monday away!

I don’t think this song requires much commentary…the perfect choice of first single to make the album go on to sell thousands (as millions, unfortunately, seems to be a thing of the past. Or anything with random rap in the middle and semi-naked girls on the cover).

Go on, just listen. Seriously. And she’s absolutely gorgeous to watch too. Bitch!

Even Morrissey would cheer up with this tune!

Thanks, Joss.

The XX…slit wrist here ———

Bloody hell! This new XX album should come with a WARNING sign and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Brownie attached to it!

It is very beautiful, even if the songs sound pretty much the same- as each other and the last album, but that doesn’t make it any less great. But seriously, if you’re suffering from matters of the heart- like moi, it can really mess you up! (not quite like moi. Maybe when PMS hits).

Anyway, I’ll leave the link for you to listen and judge for yourselves:

Pardon? You haven’t got Spotify, I hear. Well, then bloody get it, won’t you? How behind are you?!
You’re only forgiven if it is not yet available in your country. In this case, go to iTunes. Or, better yet, go to a proper music shop and B-U-Y T-H-E A-L-B-U-M!

♫ the feeling goes on and on and on

in my head

you tell me things you’ve never said

and I choose to forget

and take the good and leave the rest

oh, the illusion’s getting old

and you don’t answer when I call

I would have given you it all

oh, out of sight out of mind

it doesn’t mean you’re not mine

the feeling goes on and on and on ♫

– Unfold –