And then people blame the recording industry’s downfall on piracy…

Er…I just found out Emeli Sandé won Best Solo Act at the Q Awards.

Really? Who’s her agent/publicist? I want to like their page on Facebook.


Ok, ok. Before I’m crucified, let me just clarify, I’m not a hater, I quite like her actually. But singing not only once, but TWICE in that Olympics closing ceremony circus and now an AWARD FOR BEST SOLO ACT??!!! C’mon!

I mean, I know it’s hard nowadays, in a world filled with Tulisas and Cheryls, but still. Just give it to Adele, at least! She’s got a new song out, it’s promo for the movie…there’s your excuse. (Not that she needs one. She IS pretty amazing, but with all the politics that revolve around these award ceremonies…)

I know, I know…it was voted by the people and the other options were: Dizzee Rascal, Noel Gallagher and Florence Welch (of course Adele too!). No surprise there given the fact that the category of Best Act IN THE WORLD TODAY had Blur and The Stone Roses among the nominees.

Again, nothing against them and I’m well aware of their contribution to music, especially in the British scene. But really. Best act IN THE WORLD. TODAY!!!

To balance it out with my bitchiness and show my great (meaning, normal) appreciation for Emeli, here goes one of my favourites tunes performed by her. I also think she’s really pretty and seems like a real sweetie. And I actually mean it!

Mostly because of the words: “I wake with good intentions but the day, it always lasts too long, then I’m gone…”

Does anyone else have a problem with the off-peak monster that tends to show up at night with bad thoughts, junk food cravings, etc.?

Ha, bad thoughts! I sound like a depressed psycho bitch now.


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