Swede finds


I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously. Especially with this look on your face.

I admit, I did once; a long time ago when you tried to go solo and had that tune “So Help Me Girl” featured in a Brazilian soap opera. When was that? 97, 98?

Anyway, why don’t we change countries for better options for the moment? (to all the haters out there, I LOVE brit music! The extensive Beatles-Spice-Girls-Mumford-Clapton-Straits-Stones-Robbie-Adele-etc good part of it.)


  Today’s music is “ArtistS of the Day” rather than just a song. Both hailing from this little country in size but pretty gigantic in culture and good looking people.

(from the series “one of the many reasons I love Spotify”)

One I just clicked on out of curiosity upon seeing this hot guy I picked up in Stockholm last year popping up on my Spotify Social as it’s been showing me he’s been listening to this for a couple of weeks now. And he introduced me to some good English-sung Swedish music before I went on my walk of shame which actually required a bus ride considering I was far and map/internet-less and also Swedish Kroner-less, but thankfully the guys up there are clever enough to accept Visa at bus stops’ ticket machines!

Going back to the music…yes, Deportees. Class! So lovely I’ve been listening to them for about 2 hours now and even decided not to go to the gym so I could carry on (let’s pretend Spotify is not an app and we’re all good, yeah?).

Too bad spotify UK doesn’t have all their albums available. Some of the tunes are sooo Swede!! Kind of 90s innocent pop with a hint of Mike & the Mechanics’ Over My Shoulder (sorry, did I just put you off listening to it? No, please, give it a go!).

Now, another find that said hot Swede introduced me to on that extremely bright June afternoon was: Tingsek. It was instant love.

Words can seriously not describe. The voice, the tunes, the words, the summery melodies…aahhh just listen, go on.

And he’s finally playing in London! Opening for Allen Stone at Cargo later in November…and I just purchased a ticket! So yeah, I think the bitchiness of the morning has been taken over by all this lovely Swedishness.

Sony Music Sweden, can you hire me for an English-speaking project next summer? Or Portuguese! I hear Michel Teló is all over European radio stations and nightclubs (I STILL don’t know why and don’t care, I’ll work on it if needed!).


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