Dylan’s $1500 scores one for the Recording Industry

Yesterday I received the following email and picture below: 

image003“According to the report, the European Union passed a law last year extending copyright protection from 50 to 70 years, but only for works published before the original 50-year term expired. Hence the rapid publication of this, obviously without spending too much time on the cover art.

The report says Sony has released only 100 of the collections (I’m assuming that’s the minimum number of copies to get the extension), and they now appear to be going for about $1,500 each on eBay.”

How desperate are record companies?! I mean, Bob even had a pop-up store which I actually went to as any other normal Dylan fan. That’s not for just any musician!

My first thought was “I quite like the cover, actually. It suits old school Bob. The title, however…had it been called ‘Desperate Money-Making Attempt’ would’ve probably added monetary value to it given the explicit dignity loss”. But, actually, thinking about it now…it’s actually kind of cool. It’s a tad sarcastic as if laughing at the face of all those people, especially…er…Silicon *cough* Valley *cough* like that little kid who travels with the mom and the rest of the team in “A League of Their Own” chanting “na na na na-na you’re gonna looo-oose”.


Recording Industry 1 x 0 Content-stealers (I know, I can’t actually say 0…they’re way ahead of recording. But hey, a small step for Dylan, a giant one for no-longer-soon-to-expire-copyright-holders!)


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