Sound of the summer

mariana volkerIt’s actually quite, er…versatile. Sitting at the park enjoying some rare London sunshine, in a cozy chalet on the Alps amid mountains of snow. Mariana Volker‘s gorgeous vocals + stunning melodies (just as her lyrics – if you can understand Portuguese!) suit any mood, anytime.

I recently spent some time in Rio, where I unexpectedly met this great guy who took me to a gig of hers at Studio RJ.

A few months later, I’m back to London, he stayed in Rio and, regardless of what happens – or doesn’t! -, I will always have the best memories of him upon listening to her, the same way I’ll be eternally grateful to him for introducing me to the singer who’s topped the plays on my iPod since (you can download most songs from her SoundCloud page!).

The concept, to start with, is so appropriate and creative and beautiful and it fits her personality like a glove.It’s all about colours (she’s got a set on SoundCloud called “live in colour”) and it’s sort of quirky, the musicians are incredible. And her producer is none other than former Os Mutantes‘ bassist, Liminha. Not only that, but in his 40+ years of music industry he’s produced everyone who’s anyone in the Brazilian music scene.

Anyway. I haven’t been able to stop listening to her songs since…I think 3/4 of her SoundCloud plays today alone have come from me! I’ve been playing all the tunes on a loop for hours.

I recommend her to those of you who like Cazuza and Marisa Monte.

And here’s her Facebook page always up-to-date with news, photos, tunes, videos, etc. In full colour.

Below you can check out her rendition of Novos Baianos’ “Dê Um Rolê” at one of her latest gigs.


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