How to write a hit song in 2013

So, I went to H&M today and, upon getting to the cashier, The Wanted‘s “Walks Like Rihanna” started playing…

– That’s got to be one of the worst songs ever, said I
– Ugh, I was just thinking exactly the same!, said the cashier after a sigh of relief

First there’s Britney & making millions out of a song that pretty much has ONE verse. Now these dudes making slightly less but still ridiculously more than they should with this:

“She can’t sing, she can’t dance
But who cares – she walks like Rihanna”

Why, God? Whyyyyyyy??????

Actually, when did get “rebranded” as the yank Mark Ronson? How the hell did he acquire such status while his fellow band mates do whatever they’re doing that’s not making them the yank-anything?


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