Garbage @ Brixton Academy, London 08.11.15

So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my beloved Garbage‘s debut album, Queer, they put together the 20 Years Queer Tour which I was beyond happy/honoured/lucky to attend!

20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015
20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015

The set list was, obviously, pretty much the whole album (the new deluxe version with loads of B-sides!) + a couple of surprises during the encore.

I still cannot believe they ditched some of the classics for said encore and, instead, played two of my all-time favourites: Automatic Systematic Habit (instaclip) and my true favourite, WHEN I GROW UP!! (of which I made a little video as well but was way too excited to get any decent footage…as well as my shitty iPhone photos.)

They’re recording a new album and I CANNOT WAIT for the next tour!!!

Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015
Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015


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