Garbage @ Brixton Academy, London 08.11.15

So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my beloved Garbage‘s debut album, Queer, they put together the 20 Years Queer Tour which I was beyond happy/honoured/lucky to attend!

20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015
20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015

The set list was, obviously, pretty much the whole album (the new deluxe version with loads of B-sides!) + a couple of surprises during the encore.

I still cannot believe they ditched some of the classics for said encore and, instead, played two of my all-time favourites: Automatic Systematic Habit (instaclip) and my true favourite, WHEN I GROW UP!! (of which I made a little video as well but was way too excited to get any decent footage…as well as my shitty iPhone photos.)

They’re recording a new album and I CANNOT WAIT for the next tour!!!

Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015
Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015

Awesomeness personified

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Garbage is one of my favourite bands of all time. They don’t sound like anyone else, their music is incredible, it makes me feel happy and powerful and just good. It does transport me back to the 90s too, I’m sure that also counts!

Not just that but each band member is so unique and talented and just good, normal people. Not boring normal, not sweater-wearing normal, not conservative-normal. Just NOT FULL OF SHIT.

You know those questions people like to ask, especially at job interviews “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, “what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?” and shit as such that you know the answer to but can never think of on the spot when asked? There is one that I could see myself struggling over if it weren’t for people such as Shirley Manson. “Who’s someone you admire?”

Shirley Manson, John Cusack. (there’s actually someone else but that one I did forget. These two, never!)

She’s such an amazing performer and songwriter and she just seems so down to earth and her own person, outspoken and forward-thinking. She’s so much like I wish most people would be.

Here’s a snippet of her interview for The Hunger magazine where you can see for yourself what I’m on about.