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oz-flagRemember Jet? You know, Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, Cold Hard Bitch…I don’t know if you guys are aware but, last week or so, they kind of teased everyone with a post saying “Come around again…?” and everyone thought they were reuniting or something, especially as this year would be their 15th anniversary as a band.

One or two days later, however, they revealed the big secret and, although nothing about a proper reunion nor new music was announced, they did confess to be getting back together to support none other than Bruce Springsteen during his tour down under.

Pretty exciting news nonetheless – maybe that’ll inspire them to give us new music (please, thank you, Jet!).

Anyway, this piece of news alone was enough to inspire a whole Australian revival in my Spotify. The last time I had done a playlist with nothing but bands from Koalaland had been over three years ago, so here’s a more current version of it.

Australia has a big soft spot for all things rock, especially the 90s-sounding alternative kind and some country-ish stuff, so expect lots of guitar with a bit of synth here and there – ya know, Empire of the Sun and the likes.

Here’s about 15 hours of music to keep you going and it’s still missing some key artists and bands. I actually think there aren’t enough female voices so, if you’d like to suggest some (or any voice whatsoever!), please do get in touch!

You’ll find classics such as AC/DC, INXS, Men at Work and Silverchair as well as the latest import hits The Jezabels, Birds of Tokyo, Guy Sebastian (you might remember him from Eurovision) and Boy & Bear.

Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself thinking several times “What? These guys are aussie??” You’re not alone. I mean, Savage Garden, The Temper Trap, er…Bee Gees?!

Heads-up to Powderfinger, possibly Australia’s biggest band, yet for some reason I’ll never understand, they never really took off elsewhere having played a few times around these British shores mainly to the antipodean crowd.

The playlist also features a ton of old school, pre-David Guetta Sia which is my favourite Sia. But have a listen and judge for yourself.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, any artists/genres you’d like to know more about, do hit us up! We’d love to do some research for you. =)


The Jezabels in London!

I re-booked my flight to come back to London on 22 May as I had tickets to see The Jezabels and almost missed it because a random officer at the airport was adamant I had drugs with me – and I’d be really clever. NOT! – to bring them freely in my bag. To London HEATHROW.

Should I be offended that he was unconvinced when I said, after being enquired about it several times, that I had never even taken any drugs?

Anyway. Dropped stuff at home, ran to gig and just made it. Fortunately – it was INCREDIBLE.

Hayley looks like she came straight from the set of Sixteen Candles or another John Hughes classic and she’s so cute and tiny, but then she opens her mouth and out comes that incredible voice! Perfect pitch. Matching with a perfect band…it’s been way too long since I heard a band playing so well.

They have everything to be pretentious. But they’re not. The sound on the video is not that great but it’s still pretty amazing – imagine live.

Absolutely outstanding.

In this video, she had just forgotten most of the words halfway through “City Girl” so sat down slightly astonished and somewhat amused while trying to remember and the band played on, which was quite beautiful to listen to, actually. The video starts with her coming back to it and just really going for it to make it up for the blank moment (although she really “went for it” throughout the whole gig).