The Jezabels in London!

I re-booked my flight to come back to London on 22 May as I had tickets to see The Jezabels and almost missed it because a random officer at the airport was adamant I had drugs with me – and I’d be really clever. NOT! – to bring them freely in my bag. To London HEATHROW.

Should I be offended that he was unconvinced when I said, after being enquired about it several times, that I had never even taken any drugs?

Anyway. Dropped stuff at home, ran to gig and just made it. Fortunately – it was INCREDIBLE.

Hayley looks like she came straight from the set of Sixteen Candles or another John Hughes classic and she’s so cute and tiny, but then she opens her mouth and out comes that incredible voice! Perfect pitch. Matching with a perfect band…it’s been way too long since I heard a band playing so well.

They have everything to be pretentious. But they’re not. The sound on the video is not that great but it’s still pretty amazing – imagine live.

Absolutely outstanding.

In this video, she had just forgotten most of the words halfway through “City Girl” so sat down slightly astonished and somewhat amused while trying to remember and the band played on, which was quite beautiful to listen to, actually. The video starts with her coming back to it and just really going for it to make it up for the blank moment (although she really “went for it” throughout the whole gig).


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