Band spotlight: The Tragically Hip

hip_crest_stickerI was going to share a little bit about The Tragically Hip on the website’s Facebook page (*shameless begging* given a thumbs up yet, btw?) the other day when they announced their farewell tour but then I thought they deserved a bit more.

I’ll never forget my brother describing them to me as “the Canadian Pearl Jam“. No, it’s not the same kind of music but the same kind of following, the same kind of respect and admiration of their respective fans. They’re basically a Canadian rock institution!

I remember they played the last “Canada Day” that London hosted two or three years ago…for free!! I didn’t find out until too late though. Never quite recovered from that one…

hipAnyway, as I mentioned above, a couple of weeks ago the band, who’s been together since 1984, announced their last tour but for a much sadder reason than a relatively simple break-up: lead singer Gordie Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

If that wasn’t sad enough, considering the band’s popularity and the nature of the tour, it’s no wonder tickets were nearly impossible to be purchased but, even worse, scalpers didn’t make it any easier taking advantage of the situation to put their robots in place and snatch most tickets in order to sell them in the secondary market for a premium price which they know they’ll be able to charge.

Considering we, music fans, get extremely frustrated with this happening on a regular basis, imagine when you know it’s the last chance you get to see your favourite band!
Naturally, the situation sparked major outrage across Canada. So much, in fact, that Toronto councillor Josh Colle wants to give scalpers a giant middle finger by throwing a FREE Hip gig.

“I just thought with all the obvious demand out there, and the frustration on the ticket side …It would just be a really fantastic opportunity to let everyone thank, celebrate the Tragically Hip and what they’ve meant to the city and to Canada and to all our music lives.” – Josh Colle for The Toronto Star

Colle is currently using the many music contacts he made throughout the years to try to make this magic happen and I STRONGLY hope he pulls it off!

You can listen to more of The Hip on Spotify:

If you like: R.E.M, 90s alt rock


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