Sohodolls team up with Period Poverty to help refugees!

Millennials might know them from Gossip Girl, Gen Z from TikTok but, wherever you’ve heard, Sohodolls has a tune for each occasion and their new single, Period, is shining a light on the Period Poverty campaign for which they are raising money by offering it as a download on Bandcamp only.

Having been around in the mid-2000s electropop scene along with CSS, New Young Pony Club, Ladytron and the likes, toured all over from LA to Moscow to South Korea and opened for legendary artists such as Daft Punk and Calvin Harris, Sohodolls recently resurfaced when their 2009 hit Bang Bang Bang Bang went viral on TikTok through the Raised by Karen challenge [nov 2020 – feb 2021].

The trend migrated to streaming services adding the band to dozens of Viral Charts such as USA and UK and even led Madonna to hashtag Sohodolls on Instagram stories as she shared a video of her daughter Estere performing a dance routine to the sound of the viral hit. On Spotify alone, the song was streamed an extra 10 million times since it took off this second time around.

The sudden resurgence of the name saw hundreds of fans old and new come out of the woodwork asking for new music with the more hardcore members of the club even naming old never-released demos. 
From this batch of old tapes came Period, a fun bop Maya von Doll, lead singer and SD founder, wrote aiming to normalise period talk. 

From the moment Maya decided to release it, it was a given she was going to try to harness the theme to raise awareness to the Period Poverty campaign which provides non-toxic, biodegradable sanitary products to women in need whether in refugee camps, schools in deprived areas, homeless women as well as supplying food banks.

The campaign is currently working to raise £100k to supply 12,000 women in refugee camps with sanitary products for 6 months.

You can download Period from until 22 March for £1 or more and all proceeds will be donated to the campaign.

Download “Period” from Bandcamp

“My song ‘Period’ is a rebellion against the stigma attached to girls having their periods. There is nothing taboo about bleeding between your legs for days on end! In fact, it’s what allowed us all to be conceived so everyone should be grateful

So it’s very sad to know that girls are missing school every month simply because they can’t afford sanitary products.  I hope that by singing or talking about our periods we empower girls and women everywhere to express their sanitary needs and assert their right to manage menstruation.”

Maya von Doll
Sohodolls’ “Stripper” soundtracking Blair Waldorf


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