Sohodolls announce new single, Snakes & Ladders

You’ve either found them through Gossip Girl, through the London electro scene of the mid-2000s or, most recently, via their smash hit Bang Bang Bang Bang going viral on TikTok and entering 23 world charts on Spotify.

A little backstory before we begin…although, if you’re familiar, feel free to skip to the prize at the bottom.

Sohodolls are an electropop band once signed to Oasis’ finder, Alan McGee, and subsequently moving over to A&G Records with whom they recorded their one and only album Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation filled with gems – Stripper alone was on an iconic scene in Gossip Girl, a Budweiser SuperBowl ad, a Strongbow one, Keeping Up with The Kardashians and many more.

Gossip Girl (Season 1 Episode 7)

But not only from sync lived the ‘Dolls… around the mid-2000s they were prominent figures in the London electro scene with the likes of New Young Pony Club, Dragonettes, CSS and many others besides touring everywhere including Russia where they played a massive Playboy gig as well as opening for the likes of Daft Punk and Calvin Harris.

The outfit disbanded around the mid 2010s but founder and lyricist Maya von Doll couldn’t stay away from music too long. After a few years writing with the likes of MNEK, Charli XCX and Nicola Roberts as well as having one of her songs recorded by K-pop giants TWICE and going platinum, Maya was itching to get back to her original project.

Coincidentally, as Maya planned her Dolls’ comeback, their 2009 cult hit Bang Bang Bang Bang went viral on TikTok on the “raised by Karen” challenge which catapulted the track to go from 2 million to 30m+ streams on Spotify alone besides entering viral charts in 23 countries such as UK, US and Russia as well as landing on a number of Spotify editorial playlists, among them big on the internet, Viral Hits, pulp, FORYOU and others.

Since then, the band has shared a number of old singles that had never been released before and only cult fans and gig goers were familiar with such as Shut Your Pretty Mouth which has had a bootleg snippet on YouTube for about ten years but is now available in all its full glory on all streaming.

Sohodolls – Shut Your Pretty Mouth

Snakes & Ladders is, in usual Sohodolls style, a sassy song about infidelity, deception in the digital age and how easy it is to find hook-ups online.

You can listen to it on 17 September and pre-save it here now so it hits your playlists as the clock strikes midnight!


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