And you can tell everybody this is your song…


Stuck for ideas for V-day? How about a song? No, I don’t mean Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”,cheap sparkling and rose petals on the bed, get a grip! Let’s step up the game here.


The boys from Panic Island are giving away personalised songs. Yep, that’s right. For FREE you can have your own song! Just send them your story and they’ll not only turn it into a song, but they’ll also shoot a video for it!

Just head to, check out the rules and fill in the form. Give as many details as you can to make your song unique!


 Boys press


Music business: artist comeback case study

How do you promote the new album from an artist who went M.I.A for about a decade?

Take the most famous song from their heyday and record it as a duet with one of today’s cool, hip singers, add an extra beat or so and use it as a single.

That’s when you get Patricia Marx feat Seu Jorge with “Espelhos d’Água”, which, at the time of its original solo release (circa 1998), climbed the charts the fastest way you can take in Brazil: featuring it in a soap opera (preferably but not essentially, at prime time).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not diminishing her work…especially that song, I used to LOVE it!!

I am simply trying to give an example of music marketing + A&R + artist management.

I smell…kid trapped in homemade UFO-like balloon

Hmmm…I was very much chanting on creativity and the British customer service finally scoring one when I read the piece of news below:

Awesome UK Customer Service? Could it be?

Until, that is, I saw… the boy’s (alleged) Twitter account.

Can somebody smell hoax?

It’s Chri$tma$ Time Again

Was this an attempt to get into a Coke ad? Cause that’s exactly what it sounds like!


I LOVE the Backstreet Boys! LOVE! They were part of my adolescence and that’ll always be in my heart. But seriously, a CHRISTMAS SONG?!

They’re in their late 30s with a 20-year career. Was this really necessary?


Just like that “This Is Us” album wasn’t. Did they make money? Plenty! But not only their credibility is down the drain as they have plenty of other MUCH MORE appropriate alternatives to celebrate these two decades that are being ignored in favour of these clear money-making tools.

At least if the song had been featured in a Coke commercial- as it sounds just like it!, they would’ve had an excuse.