Spotify Best Practices: how to optimise your page and connect with the DSP

So you wrote a song, uploaded it to a distributor and now it’s either out in the world or about to be – but how do you actually get people to listen?

Here’s a list of tips to make the most of your Spotify for Artists experience:

  1. claim your page
  2. add bio +pics
  3. make playlists
  4. highlight playlist/new release
  5. Pitch to Spotify 
  6. Locked content for follow/pre-save

Want to add your music to Spotify playlists? Follow these tips for your best bet!

  1. Claim Your Profile

First things first. If you haven’t yet, claim your profile so you can not only edit your page (pics, bios, playlists) but so you can also have access to your insights and find out who’s actually listening to your music, how it’s performing and even pitch to Spotify editors,

It’s very simple! 

Head over to the Artists for Spotify page, click on “Claim Your Profile” and follow the instructions. 

The main issue you may encounter is proving that you’re the real artist that page belongs to so be ready to connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to speed up the process.

2. Add a bio and some pics

Now you can access your page from the inside, let’s give it a makeover so people who don’t know can learn about you.

When adding your biography, you can also link to other artists and songs that you want people to listen to. 

Below is an example of a bio I wrote linking to the artist’s various collaborations. 

Don’t forget to keep it up-to-date as your career progresses and you release more music, go on tour, get your song placed on a TV show, etc.

3. Make Playlists

One great way of not only ensuring fans listen to your latest single but also connecting with them and showing more of your personality is by creating playlists.

First you’ll want to create a discography playlist. All your music in one place so no one needs to look for it – is it in singles? Is it in albums? It doesn’t matter, everything will be on the playlist. And you can update it accordingly by adding your latest single to the top anytime you have a new song.

One common playlist is that with your full discography which is great for when someone finds you and wants to dig in.

Here’s an example of a playlist I made – Sohodolls had their song Bang Bang Bang Bang go viral on TikTok for the past 14 months or so and, on the comments of the YouTube video, fans were looking for other songs that sounded similar. I made a list of all the suggestions, made a playlist and added to the comments.

Recently I added that playlist as their Artist’s Pick on Spotify and it’s been growing every since. Most of the playlists I’ve made so far for them and others started growing once they were highlighted on that spot.

Another way you can use that feature is creating playlists to showcase your inspirations, moods, etc.

And why not share it on your social media?

One idea is to share your playlist on socials tagging some of the featured artists on it – who knows who might check back on you?!

Want to encourage fans to add your new single to their own playlists? Why not run a competition where they could create one featuring your single as well as any other songs they feel fit and the best one wins a prize?

I don’t remember exactly what the prize was as it happened a few years ago but, when Lissie released her song Best Days, she asked fans to make their own playlists including her new single plus other uplifting tracks that fit the bill. She then picked the best one to win a prize.

4. Highlight playlists / new releases

“Alright, I’ve made the discography, what now? How do I get people to actually follow it?”

Put it in front of them! That’s one thing your “Artist’s Pick” is for! Highlight it there so anyone coming to your page can see exactly where they can find all of your music and binge away.

And of course, promote it on your social media + website + newsletter.

Got a new song out? Highlight it!

Had a song on TV? Highlight it!

Or even a gig – highlight it!

5. Pitch to playlists

Your page is now looking pro. Anyone looking at it can find out who you are, what you’re about, what you look like (not that it matters, but we don’t live in an ideal world).

It’s time to let Spotify get to know you!

Ideally, you’ll submit your new song to your distributor about 8-6 weeks before its release depending on your plan and pitch to Spotify via their Spotify for Artists hub around 4-6 weeks before the song is actually out.

Fill out all the information they ask and take advantage of the comment box to say everything you need to say!

When picking songs for their editorial playlists, Spotify is looking for these three main things:

  • algorithm: how have your songs been performing? Is it being shared, listened to, saved? On that note, work that pre-save link! Encourage your fans to save your song before it’s out. Maybe offer something! A signed CD/print in exchange for a screenshot of the song saved? A piece of merch? Don’t keep expecting your fans to do all the work for free – they don’t have to support you, but they are. And they’re showing up and buying your merch, going to your gigs, listening to your music. Here’s a chance to say thanks.
  • internet trails & PR: what’s the internet saying about you if anything at all? You don’t need to pay thousands of pounds for a PR campaign if you don’t have the budget, if you’re doing everything on your own. There’s SO much information out there, so many music blogs – hit them up! Send them your music [link to pitching text?]
  • a story: what are you and your song about? What is the message you’re trying to convey? What are you trying to make people feel? Are you touring? Are you collaborating with any artist? 

I know it’s a lot to think about considering the small space you have to write so choose wisely, make sure you’re adding the most important information.

6. Create a call-to-action campaign

Have you tried to watch a new video or listen to a new song but had a pop-up asking you to, say, follow an artist on Spotify before?

That’s a call-to-action campaign where you ask your fans to do something helpful before accessing a piece of content, entering a prize draw or anything else you’re offering. 

It’s SO hard to get fans to follow you – most people just don’t pay attention to that and your follower count really helps Spotify notice you more than your monthly listener numbers so anything you can do to encourage that is beneficial. 


Got a success story or any tips you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below so we can chat!


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