Eurovision is, indeed, about politics and that’s what makes it great!

As a non-European, I wasn’t very much aware of what the Eurovision Song Contest was until moving to these shores and thought the history was very cool (music doing what it does best: bringing people together. In this case, during the war – times worse than most of us in the West have got now with Trump and all). However, I didn’t get much into it until I happened to watch it the year of Conchita’s win, when I saw exactly that: music bringing people together to show homophobes that they’re assholes and, fortunately, a minority.

I’ve read so many people complaining about Ukraine winning it last night because people should vote for the best song, not the person nor the country…granted, it is a bit like the X Factor and such as in what’s judged is not the music per se. In this case, though, songs and performers represent their countries and their struggles and voting is used to show solidarity so I don’t really see what’s wrong with that. The issue around Crimea hasn’t been covered in the news since f*ck knows when! and millions of people last night got to have a bit of a refresher. I felt bad for the Russian team, the singer dude was so emotional and, although the song wasn’t great either, the stunt he pulled off required serious skills. Nonetheless, having Ukraine beat the Russians was a big slap in Putin’s face from the rest of Europe. Ukraine could’ve sung the Macarena as far as I’m concerned and I still would’ve been happy for the win.

But politics aside, in my (and millions of others!) heart, Justin Timberlake obviously won all the points! 🇺🇸

From a music business point of view, I think this tweet from Popjustice sums it up quite nicely:

Other than that, the hosts were nothing short of greatly entertaining! Especially when they taught us how to write a hit song – they really know their stuff! Probably why Sweden has so many great bands and some of the world’s top songwriters! (here’s looking at you, Max Martin)

Fun fact: in 1988, it was Celine Dion who represented Switzerland – and won! 🇨🇭

Mixtape Mondays #2

Last week I had another playlist featured on the awesome Postmodern Mixtape website. It was very cliche, very overdone and very much necessary.

Monday Morning Boost feels like sunshine!

Head over to their website to read more about it and, most importantly, get this gem of a kick to raise your morning routine game.

Internation subway jam

This past week, after one of the four days of Frankfurt’s music fair, Musikmesse, magic happened.

As I was browsing Facebook this Saturday morning, I came across a video of two girls playing music on a train that looked incredibly familiar and the caption said something about the guy who joined them…and so he did 2 minutes in.

You know what? Let’s get to the point! If you haven’t stumbled upon this, congrats! – you have a really great life offscreen!

While the Facebook version of this video had about 4 million views in the morning, by the end of the day it had reached 19m+! Not to mention the gazillion articles popping up all across Europe!

Mystery was solved: lady on guitar + vocals is Hamburg native, Anna Guder, a.k.a Kiddo Kat, on cajon we’ve got Londoner, Heidi Joubert and the surprise appearance is Maltese Ozzy Lino.

This MADE MY LIFE! Ok ok, my weekend…there wasn’t a person who crossed my path who wasn’t forced to hear about it and watch the video. But better yet, there wasn’t one who didn’t get as excited as yours truly!

It’s moments like this that I live for! A couple of years ago I was coming back from an incredible Pearl Jam pjmkconcert in a packed train from Milton Keynes to London and these two dudes started chatting to me about the gig and asking if I liked it and all…they began asking me what my favourite bands were and, for each one, they sang a song (and really well!). It got to a point that the whole carriage joined in and sang along (minus voice-less me) and, at the end, as a joke (but not really), I said “Backstreet Boys“. Yep. They sang that too. With all of their hearts. Spjmk2adly, both my camera and phone batteries had long died…(for a good cause!).


I’d like a job that pays me for playlists, please

Dear Spotify, I hear you’re looking for a music programmer…and I’m looking for my dream job!

So about 3 weeks ago I started a temporary position at a well-established music publisher and I’m loving it so far! Every time I’m there I’m completely oblivious to the outside world and, although I’m responsible for a variety of tasks, I live for Friday’s playlist! Well, the whole social media management is very much up my street, especially blogging, but making a weekly playlist…I don’t think I’ve ever done anything with so much love and consideration. I HAVE, after all, been making mixtapes, playlists, mix CDs and such for about…26 years maybe?! Lots of love for mixtapes!

The past couple of weeks have been great as we had Easter and April Fool’s (right on a Friday!), so I actually had a chance to make special extended edition ones.


But, also a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the lovely Postmodern Mixtape blog to curate a playlist for them as part of their Mixtape Mondays section.

It didn’t take two seconds to settle on a theme! And you can hear and read all about this girl power [*hint hint*] mixtape over at (Thanks a lot for the invite, guys!)

Garbage @ Brixton Academy, London 08.11.15

So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my beloved Garbage‘s debut album, Queer, they put together the 20 Years Queer Tour which I was beyond happy/honoured/lucky to attend!

20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015
20 Years Queer Tour @ Brixton Academy 2015

The set list was, obviously, pretty much the whole album (the new deluxe version with loads of B-sides!) + a couple of surprises during the encore.

I still cannot believe they ditched some of the classics for said encore and, instead, played two of my all-time favourites: Automatic Systematic Habit (instaclip) and my true favourite, WHEN I GROW UP!! (of which I made a little video as well but was way too excited to get any decent footage…as well as my shitty iPhone photos.)

They’re recording a new album and I CANNOT WAIT for the next tour!!!

Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015
Garbage @ Brixton Academy 2015

Legendary Troubadour for sale. *RANT*

So the Troubadour in Earls Court is up for sale following neighbours’ “noise” complaints…

Unbelievable. People really are assholes. Way to go, guys, you did it again! At this rate, very soon we’ll be living in a sad, boring, robotic world with a 7pm curfew where live music will be found in an outlaw, underground alternate universe. Unless, that is, you have sold your sold to the devil like Katy Perry & co. and are brainwashing little kids into paying millions of dollars to a handful of music industry sharks. Then it’s ok.

I’m not usually a pessimist and only last night I was annoyed with a friend commenting on how music is dead illustrating it with Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe”‘s lyrics and I thought he was overreacting as there’s plenty of good stuff out there but, at this rate, all said “good stuff” soon won’t have a place in the sun. Maybe it’s time to start rethinking pirate radio…



Alright, people, calm the f*ck down. It’s only a change of ownership, nothing is closing down…

Pearl Jam + Robert Plant = too much love!

There’s been so much going on in the music management life, so much in the music industry and the world in general that I’ve been meaning to mention on here but there’s also been very little time. So I come just for some quick sharing.

Tomorrow I turn 30 and, although I’m not one of those freaked out people as these things don’t really faze me, after trying to answer friends’ questions about the plan for the day and being unable to come up with one (mostly because I didn’t want to), I have decided to spend the day with myself doing all my favourite things after about a month of full on, non-stop work and constantly being surrounded by people.

It started the moment I set foot at home tonight and it led me to this “discovery” (I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before!): my favourite band playing my favourite Led Zeppelin song with Robert Plant

‘Cause it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive

Or not. Should’ve probably saved the title for a more appropriate Wednesday…This week has been nothing but work and sleep. It’s been good though.

But this isn’t “Dear Diary”, is it?! So, to the point before I fall asleep and drool all over this keyboard.

One of my all-time favourite types of people are those who add to life: whether it’s a cultural (or not-so) recommendation, good habits, stomach-hurting laughter or just general life-enhancing things. People who inspire me to be the best me and to whom I don’t need to make an effort to chat. Conversations about anything just flow and neither of us have to pretend to know everything.

Recently I met someone who was one of those: I got to listen to loads of different music that I normally wouldn’t, learn about things that I didn’t know existed or didn’t know I cared about and got to learn that the so much needed “quiet time” doesn’t necessarily have to be “alone time”.

One of the things, or rather, internet people, I was introduced to was rant-man Adam Buckley. Adam rants mostly about all the music that makes me sad and he can get my feelings off my chest much better than I’d ever be able to.

I haven’t had time to go through all his videos yet but there’s one in particular that’s been in my mind this week. Mostly because I have actually been feeling very Rebecca Black these days…looking forward to the weekend. If only all I had to make my mind up about was which seat to take!

Ladies and gents, I’ll leave you with: A Dose of Buckley.