When bad things work out for the best. Of your wallet too.

Here’s the list of things I’m thankful for:



– O2’s bad reception

– flakey, don’t-give-a-shit people

– hot Scandinavians with spare tickets

– randomly running into friends who introduce you to hot Scandinavians with spare tickets

The Temper Trap were playing at gorgeous Somerset House today and I arranged to meet a friend there to try and get tickets at the door, but neither he showed up, nor did he call/text. And I wouldn’t have received any either way as O2 decided, after six years of being its customer, to freeze its signal that one day.

As I waited and waited for about 40min, an old acquaintance saw me and approached me to ask if I needed a ticket as there was a ridiculously tall and handsome Johan Peterssen giving it away as his mate didn’t show up either. So I got in for free. Which I am very thankful for as the band sucked.

Fortunately, I also had checked their setlist beforehand so I knew exactly when they were going to play the three songs I wanted to listen to- one only during the encore; I did not stay for that.

Starting with most-boring-band-in-the-history-of-boring-bands, the opening act Alt-J and whatever was wrong with the sound engineer, sound board or whatever.

So band comes on with an attempt at creating a post-modern London Calling and, fortunately, quickly moving on to beautiful “Need Your Love“.

The sound was horrible throughout and a lot of the songs I’m not a fan of, it was raining and the bass player performed like an epileptic wormso I listened to “Fader” and left soon after. Didn’t stay for “Sweet Disposition“. The sound was quite distorted; it would’ve ruined that tune.

In the end, all the things that had gone wrong worked out right.

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